Welcome to your SCALE11 Startup-Stage Onboarding!
Hello this is most likely Leonie, Birgit or Jan. What is your first name? *

Nice to meet you {{answer_qnnhfjkksjf3}}. What exhibiting company at CEBIT do you represent? *

{{answer_x0UofNb6LBry}} sounds like an industry champion! Do you also want us to have your phone number? Then please type below (otherwise just skip this question):

Now we're coming to the good part! We need your input on your favorite event format and time to shine on the startup stage. First come, first served. Cool?

Since we'll onboard hundreds of great startups just like {{answer_x0UofNb6LBry}} we can only provide you with one dedicated format at this point in time. In the next steps you'll be choosing your format and your preferred day. In May we'll send you an additional email to book you into a defined time slot.

Now {{answer_qnnhfjkksjf3}} let's make sure you'll get your top choice and attract those customers & investors. Do you have a good understanding of the event formats or would you like us to go through them briefly? *

In the "Traditional Investor Pitch" you'll present your company in the typical format. While it's the startup's favorite it usually attracts the least amount of visitors. However, it is the type of stage time you're likely best trained at.

In the "Founders Fight" you'll enter a verbal duel with an equally talented opponent. The crowd decides on the winner. This is the crowd's favorite as there's action on stage, that in turn attracts more visitors.

In the "Startup Skills Panel Discussion" we'll do a group interview on startup skills. Topics range from "Startup Ideation" to "Recruiting a first Team". These sessions will be recorded and placed in podcasts. You can also get those recordings from us for your own use.

Finally you might want to participate in a "Startup Cluster Panel Discussion". Founders together with corporates or investors will look at a specific industry or technology challenges. As an example the emerging role of virtual currencies or the change in digital customer needs.

Great choice {{answer_qnnhfjkksjf3}}! Now what would be your favorite day to be on stage? *

Great work {{answer_qnnhfjkksjf3}} let's quickly summarize things: You'd most like to present on {{answer_fn9mhBDcsZTb}} and show {{answer_x0UofNb6LBry}} in a {{answer_hrnYXYs18pr5}} and potentially also in {{answer_KQdzWxKJGjRJ}}. Is that correct? Clicking "No" will take you back to the top.

Final question: We want to make sure you'll look your best on stage. Therefore we'll offer a free online coaching in May to show some best practices on each format. Do you want us to send you an invite for the webinar?

That's all {{answer_qnnhfjkksjf3}}! Thanks for your time. For any questions just send an email to team@punchout.tech
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